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Health is the lack of internal interference for life
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Ginkgoba - a natural source of health!

Ginkgoba - a natural source of health!
Health care begins with prevention and healthy lifestyle. That is why "InterChem" has decided to expand the product range by adding a dietary supplement to contribute the maintenance and promotion of health.

Dietary supplement "Ginkgoba" - a drug of natural origin, which contains an extract of Ginkgo biloba leaves (Ginkgo biloba L., folium). Effect of the drug caused by unique phytochemical composition of plants, comprising flavonoid glycosides, which include kaempferol, kvartsetin, gingolid and terpenes - ginkgolides, bilobalide.

Ginkgo Biloba - the only plant, which comprises ginkgolides, capable of enhancing the elasticity of the vascular walls of the brain and dilate blood vessels. The result action of gingkolides is to improve oxygen supply to the brain, increasing mental alertness and operability, improve memory, concentration.

To useful action of Ginkgo Biloba also include the improvement of rheological properties of blood, increasing the resistance of tissues to hypoxia. Furthermore, plant active substances have a antioxidant activity, protect cells and tissues from damage by free radicals and peroxides, have a pronounced neuroprotective action.