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Health is the lack of internal interference for life
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  • Press conference with participation of Press conference with participation of "InterChem" representatives On March 19 the agency "Interfax-Ukraine" held a press conference with representatives of the "InterChem", "Infusion" (Kiev) and independent experts. They publicly appealed to the Ministry of Health and professional associations with a request to investigate the facts of the illegal stopping of the State Medicine Service in Ukraine production of a number of drugs.

    "Conflict between "InterChem" and State Medicine Service lasts at least two months", - said the deputy general director Dmitry Pozigun. The company addressed with an official...
  • Appeal of labor collective of Appeal of labor collective of "InterChem" to the Minister of Health Dear mr. Muciy!

    We, more than half a thousandth labor collective of "InterChem" express our sincere respect and compelled to write to you about the situation too difficult, which lasts for several months in our company and today has reach the peak of stress.  We decided to speak directly to you, dear Mr. Minister, as the head of the department, which is responsible for important and most humane state function - providing conditions for the protection of health and life of citizens. We are not only employees of the company, which for more...