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Health is the lack of internal interference for life
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  • Vladimir Groisman: The government is taking measures that will allow Ukrainians to obtain quality drugs at an affordable price Vladimir Groisman: The government is taking measures that will allow Ukrainians to obtain quality drugs at an affordable price Vladimir Groisman attended the opening ceremony of the third production line of "InterChem" company and held a working meeting with the heads of the leading pharmaceutical companies of Ukraine on the issues of development of the pharmaceutical industry in Ukraine, and providing the citizens with quality, effective and affordable medicines.

    The Government intends to deregulation in the pharmaceutical area, which will ensure the reduction of prices for quality drugs in Ukraine and develop the domestic production. This was stated by Prime...
  • "Amilar ІC" - another novelty "Amilar ІC" - a combined drug for sore throat treatment, which includes a broad-spectrum antiseptic dequalinium chloride and a local anesthetic - dibucaine.
    On the market "Amilar ІC" is available in three flavor varieties: with mint, cherry and orange flavor.

    The drug is indicated for the treatment of acute infectious and inflammatory diseases of the mouth and throat, as gingivitis, ulcerative and aphthous stomatitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis and pharyngitis; in mixed infections of the mouth and throat. As an auxiliary drug "Amilar ІC" can be...
  • "Interchem" - the National Champion! An old dream of several generations of Odessa's basketball players come true! Odessa Women's Basketball Club "Intechem-SDUSSHOR named after Litvak", which is based on disciples of Odessa SDYUSSHOR №2, which was named after Boris Litvak, had a great season and put the gold medal in the National championship in the Cup of Ukraine.

    In the final series to two victories against the capital "Dinamo-NPU" our team initially makes certain groundwork in the first game in Kiev on April 23. The victory  with a score of 98:68 over "Dynamo"...
  • Happy Easter! Happy Easter! "InterChem" sincerely congratulate you on the saint holiday of Christ's Resurrection!
    May the Lord preserves and protects you, and spring brings you warmth and good humor! Christ is Risen!

  • "InterChem" opens new horizons Pharmaceutical company "InterChemm" took part in the largest pharmaceutical exhibition in East Africa - Africa Pharmaceutical Summit East 2016, which took place in Kenya this February.

    General Director of the Company Anatoly Reder managed to productively communicate with the leadership of the registration service in Kenya. "They are qualified professionals who are very interested in Ukrainian manufacturers on the local pharmaceutical market. Considering Ukraine as part of Europe, they are hoping that the product that we can deliver, will be...