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Synthesis of organic reagents

Synthesis of organic reagents

"InterСhem" offers its services as per the individual orders at the Laboratory of synthesis of organic compounds as a unit of the Department of Chemical Research. These services include synthesis of chemicals (reagents, synthons, catalysts) or their samples.

 The main profile of the laboratory is the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds and crown ethers. The ranges of the potential compounds to be synthesized include than 500 items, most of which are exclusive.

It should be noted that our laboratory for more than 20 years has been executing orders on the synthesis of organic compounds for the firm "THERMO FISHER" (ex «ACROS ORGANICS»). Database of chemical compounds synthesized by the laboratory of organic synthesis of chemical research department is being used in the USA, Canada and Western Europe.


Contact Information

Vice Director General of the research work

Kashutskiy Sergey.

tel. (048) 729-78-55, 777-29-50,

Odessa, Lustdorfskaya road, 86