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About us

The company "InterChem" was founded in 1992 on the basis of the pilot plant of A.V. Bogatskiy Physico-Chemical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and in 2012 celebrated its 20th anniversary. Commercial activity started with the production of the unique products of fine organic synthesis, then the production of original active pharmaceutical ingredients was launched, these API’s were developed by the scientists of A.V. Bogatsky Physico-Chemical Institute. We also dealt with the import of the substitution substances that have never been produced in Ukraine before.

The key event in the development of our company was the creation of the plant for the production of drugs. Building started in August 2002 with "zero cycle" according to the European rules - Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). We have realized this project from the first pile to starting production during the record period of time - 2 years. This event was the closing link in the creation of the domestic pharmaceutical industry of the full cycle, performing screening and the development of active chemical compounds - the production of API’s - manufacture of drugs - wholesale and retail sale of the drugs by the same company. As soon as four years after the start of production the second production line was put into operation, which allowed to increase the volume of production by 4 times. Since 2007, the production line of ready-made medicines is being regularly certified for compliance with international standards of good manufacturing practice (GMP). On May 2016 the company launched a third production line, which increased the production capacity by almost 4 times, and add to the  "InterChem" product portfolio drugs in the form of capsules and powders in sachets.

One of the priorities of the company was, is and will be the scientific researches. Our company has a great research potential. On the basis of our own laboratories (research, analytical and microbiological) which are equipped according to the international standards we have also realized the development of innovative medicines, as well as security and control of high-quality products on each stage of production. In 2005, for the first time in the pharmaceutical industry in Eastern Europe jointly with the company "Meggle" (Germany) an independent laboratory was created and equipped for the development of the formulations and technologies for drugs production, and also for the production of bio series for preclinical and clinical trials of medicines under GMP conditions.

"The course of «InterСhem» stays the same - the introduction of science into practice and implementation of advanced technological solutions."

Anatoliy Reder,
Dr., General director of «InterChem SLC»