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official partner of "Meggle" - the world's leading manufacturer of pharmacopeia lactose.

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Our company is the exclusive representative of the German company Molkerei Meggle Wasserburg GmbH & Co KG (Meggle) in Ukraine.

Meggle is one of the leading companies in the world in production of lactose monohydrate pharmacopeia and mixtures for the pharmaceutical industry based on it which is in compliance with Ph. Eur. / USP-NF / JP.


Lactose introduced by Meggle fully satisfies the requirements of the Ukrainian national standard No 49 63-85 and change №1 released in 1989. Moreover, as for the characteristic "microbiological purity" this lactose is significantly outperforming the regulated national standard No 49 63-85.

The Meggle products gained a deserved popularity and recognition with the Ukrainian pharmaceutical manufacturers. The products of Meggle such as Granulac 200, Granulac 70, Tablettose 80, Tablettose 70, Flowlac 100, Starlac, Cellactose 80, Capsulac 60 are widely used as the excipients for the production of the solid dosage forms (tablets).

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