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InterChem today


"InterChem": from academic science - to the successful production!

“InterChem” is a modern pharmaceutical company the main activities of which are the production of the medicines and the synthesis of the active pharmaceutical ingredients. Over recent years, the company is included in the top-10 leading domestic manufacturers of drugs and the top-30 of all manufacturers represented on the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market.

Unique knowledge and experience combined with the latest manufacturing techniques to create high-tech allowed monocycle manufacture of finished pharmaceutical products, certified with the compliance with European quality standards.

“InterChem” is a unique project of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical sector, which within one enterprise carries out:
• screening and the development of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s );
• production of drug substances;
• development and implementation processes;
• production of medicines;
• sale of products to numerous consumers and hospitals throughout Ukraine through a distribution network and its own pharmacies net in Odessa.

"We produce medicines, we do it thoroughly and honestly, and so we are confident in the quality of our products."

Our company is equipped with high-tech equipment of leading manufacturers. Level of automation and mechanization of production in “InterChem", as well as the level of impact on the environment are in full compliance with European standards. Enterprise activity is carried out in strict accordance with international standards ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9004 and Good Manufacturing Practice GMP EU.

“InterChem” gambled on advanced technologies of production of solid dosage forms. Method of fluidized bed granulation has been chosen as the technological basis, which not only allows to optimize cycle times, but also reduces the number of critical operations with the product, thereby increasing the stability and reproducibility of the process technology, "embedding" high quality standards already on the production stage.

Three accredited laboratory of the enterprise - analytical, microbiological and quality control - maintain constant quality control at all stages of production.

Today the enterprise`s product portfolio includes 8 active pharmaceutical ingredients and 37 medicines, of which 33 are the generic drugs, and 4 – the original ones.


In 2015, "InterChem" implemented a large-scale development project by running the third production queue. Total investment in the project amounted to more than 40 mln euro. "InterChem's" new production facility has an annual capacity of 1 billion tablets and 10 tons of substances per year, and an area of 15 thousand sq. m., including 3 thousand sq. m. of production area. The new production and laboratory complex  consists of four sections: the laboratory, administrative and economic blocks, the site for the production of finished drugs and the site for the production of substances. The complex is designed by the Czech company «Block a.s.» in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). Introduction of new complex into operation will allow "InterChem" to increase production volumes of drugs by 4 times; to master the production of new dosage forms, introducing into production new import-substituting products and innovative domestic development; to develop the production of pharmaceutical substances in accordance with the requirements of GMP, increasing the volume of their exports, including the EU, in 2 times; to combine research and laboratory division of the company in a single complex with the most modern equipment; create more than 130 new workplaces.

"For us, the concept of development is the symbiosis of science and practice. Promoting our research activities, we are creating a serious competitive advantage - the ability to produce not only high-quality and well-known drugs, but also to create original medicines."
Symbiosis of research and production activities provides qualitative realization of innovative ideas in high demand in the market of the product. Original developments of scientists of A.V. Bogatskiy Physico-Chemical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine are such well-known and well-established medicines as "Fenazepam ІC ®", "Gidazepam ІC ®", "Amixin ІC ®" and the new one registered in 2010 - the drug "Levana ® ІC". Two original medicines - "Amixin ІC ®" and "Gidazepam ® ІC" - are in the top 100 list of the best pharmaceutical products in Ukraine. The share of innovative products in the sales volumes of "InterChem SLC" in 2015 was 45 %.

Achievements in pharmaceutical industry gained public and authoritative recognition and marked professional awards. Over the past few years our company has become the winner six times in various categories of the competition of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry professionals "Panacea". In 2009 the company won the nomination "Company of the Year " and in 2011 was recognized as "the fastest growing domestic manufacturer of drugs". Calling Card of our company - drug "Amixin ® ІC" three times - in 2008, 2011 and 2013 - was recognized as the "Product of the Year" in the category of OTC drugs. Also in 2013 Gidazepam ІC® became the best prescription drug.

National Academy of Sciences noted drug developers of "Levana ® ІC" including CEO of "InterChem SLC" Anatoliy Reder with the  Prize "For his outstanding scientific work in the field of organic chemistry, macromolecular chemistry and chemical technology ", and in 2012 the drug " Levana ® ІC " won in the Ukrainian product quality competition "100 best goods of Ukraine". In 2015, "InterChem" was recognized as "the leader of the industry - 2015" on the basis of the National Business Rating on aggregate indicators of financial and economic activities, as well as in the category "Investment attractiveness".