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Health is the lack of internal interference for life
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  • "InterСhem`s" pharmacy network makes special discounts for members of CTO The members of Ukrainian Association of participants of CTO "Ukrainians-Together!" - volunteer association of concerned Ukrainians, which, since April 2016, with the socially responsible business representatives and local authorities brought to life a project "The Social Card of CTO member". Today, every combatant who has an ID of Participant of hostilities can get this card. From now on, every owner of "Social card of CTO member 'Ukrainians-Together!" will enjoy discounts in the "InterChem`s" pharmacy network. Company gives a discount of...
  • «Europe is waiting for Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry and the Ukrainian medicine» «Europe is waiting for Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry and the Ukrainian medicine» In Barcelona, ​​October 4-6, hosted the annual international exhibition in the field of pharmaceuticals - CPhI Worldwide 2016. It is the largest event in the pharmaceutical world, uniting five industry events that cover all aspects of the pharmaceutical market. This year the exhibition has gathered under one roof more than 2,500 exhibitors and 37,000 professionals in the pharmaceutical industry from 150 countries. And it's a new record, indicating the rapid development of the industry worldwide. Ukraine has a history of involvement in such...
  • Champion start of «InterChem-SDYUSSHOR named after Litvak» Champion start of «InterChem-SDYUSSHOR named after Litvak» The current champion of Ukraine - Odessa Women's Basketball Club "InterChem-SDYUSSHOR named after Boris Litvak" in the new season started well in the championship.

    In the first match of the Women's Super League team from Odessa defeated the bronze medalist of the last championship - "Vinnitsa Blyskavki". In the third match came the turn of the silver medalist - Kiev "Dinamo-NPU". This game took place in Kyiv on October 7. Despite the status of host team, Kiev sportsmens have not been able to counter the wards of Iryna Shchipakina....
  • «Amitsitron® extratab»- now in tablets! «Amitsitron® extratab»- now in tablets! Now in tablets!

    «Amitsitron® extratab» is a combined preparation used for influenza and other respiratory diseases, eliminating their characteristic symptoms. «Amitsitron® ekstratab» relieves fever, relieves pain, exhibits anti-allergic and vasoconstrictor properties.

    The drug is prescribed for adults and children over 12 years for the symptomatic treatment of colds and flu: temperature reduction, eliminating the headache, pain in muscles and joints, swelling of the respiratory tract mucosa.

    Paracetamol has analgesic and antipyretic effect....
  • "InterChem" is recognized as a socially responsible company "InterChem" was awarded with the "Social Responsibility Mark".

    The "Social Responsibility Mark" is the prize which given to businesses or individuals, which conduct charity actively. There are three degrees of a Mark: regional, national and international, which are awarded depending on the extent to which the activities of the company affected the welfare of the society. Today in Ukraine there is no winner the " Social Responsibility Mark” at the national level and only ten Ukrainian companies have earned a regional Mark. Nineteen companies...