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Health is the lack of internal interference for life
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  • Every moment of life is priceless! Every moment of life is priceless! In December 2012 the "InterChem" has become a collective member of the Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian league promoting the development of palliative and hospice care." 

    The goal of palliative care - improving the quality of life of patients with a poor prognosis of the disease outcome. The first priority is the correction of pain and other symptoms that restrict ability to live, as well as the solution of social, psychological and spiritual problems. In Ukraine, the issue of palliative care is very serious. About half a million...
  • We need to be needed! We need to be needed! General Director of "InterChem" Anatoly Reder was declared the winner of the regional contest "Philanthropist of the Year" in the field of social protection. The contest "Philanthropist of the Year" is held to reward and public recognition of the representatives of the Ukrainian business for their charitable activities "InterChem" provides ongoing assistance to charitable organizations of the city of Odessa and the Odessa region.

    "InterChem" patronized such organizations as:
    Odessa's "Geriatric House of Mercy of St. Panteleimon the Healer",...
  • Innovative drug Innovative drug "Levana® ІC" won the quality competition The drug "Levana® ІC" won the national stage of the All-Ukrainian quality competition "100 best goods of Ukraine". Creating a national innovation soporific was the result of years of research by leading scientists of Ukrainian Physico-Chemical Institute named after Bogatsky of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine jointly with "InterChem."

    "Levana® ІC" is drug that belongs to a group of "sleeping pills and sedatives". The drug is indicated for the treatment of insomnia - the deficit of quality and quantity of sleep required for the normal...
  • We wish victory to our basketball players! We wish victory to our basketball players! In place of the basketball team, "White Acacia" which existed for 9 years in Odessa, appeared club "InterChem-SDYUSSHOR №2". For more than a decade on the basis of SDYUSSHOR №2 operates women's basketball team, defended the colors of Odessa in the Ukrainian championship.

    At different times, different title sponsor helped Odessa basketball players and the sports team had different names. Meeting of director SDYUSSHOR№2, honored coach of Ukraine Boris Litvak and CEO of "InterChem" Anatoly Reder ended with the establishment of the charity fund...
  • Launched a large-scale development project Launched a large-scale development project "InterChem" began construction of a new production and laboratory facilities. The plans of the company - a large-scale reconstruction of the existing facilities and the construction of several new production and laboratory and administrative buildings. There are already conducted harmonization of technical conditions for the introduction of energy saving technologies.

    The new building complex will consist of 4 buildings: the site for the production of finished drugs with an 8-storey office and laboratory complex, the site of production of...