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Tests and chemical analyzes

Tests and chemical analyzes

Chemical analysis of drinking water, purified water, waste water, artesian water; chemical products; foods; fertilizers; working zone air

In 1994, our company established the own research laboratory. In 1997 it became the first Ukrainian laboratory accredited by the National Standard of Ukraine. At present, our test laboratory is certified in the system of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine for the Odessa Regional Center for Standardization, Metrology and Certification.

Attestation certificate number PO-022/2015 of 16.02.2015

According to the field of certification our Testing Laboratory offers:

-         testing of fresh fruit and vegetables for the presence of toxic substances, including lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium and nitrates;
-         chemical and microbiological testing of drinking, purified water and sewage;
-         analysis of mineral fertilizers (potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, complex and complicated);
-         analysis of nickel ores.

The quality system

As the Company in whole the Testing Laboratory is operating on the base of the internal quality system. This system is in strict accordance with the "Guidelines on the quality" which was developed in view of the requirements of the State standard of Ukraine ISO 9000:2007, State standard of Ukraine ISO 9001:2009, State standard of Ukraine ISO 9004:2001, State standard of Ukraine ISO/TR 10013:2003. «InterChem» regularly arranges both internal and external audits of the laboratory.

Regularly participating in inter-laboratory comparison tests, our test laboratory has repeatedly reaffirmed its high qualifications, competence and independence in the system of accreditation for the testing laboratories UkrCEPRO, State Standard of Ukraine and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.

"The quality system" developed on the basis of the "Guidelines on the quality" provides the accurate and competent performance the various possible tests ensuring the maximal reliability of the results. The computer processing of the tests results, their electronic recording and storage guarantee the safety and efficiency of the access to information.

We have also arranged system for accounting reagents, data verification, and certification of the equipment repair. Taken together, these factors provide a continuous laboratory process and consistently excellent results.


The professional and experienced staff who every day confirm their qualifications in the field of analytical control of the environment, fertilizers, fruit and vegetable products, chemical raw materials, ores, are working at our testing laboratory. Our specialists are able to carry out the high-level tests in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents. It cannot be in a different way! In fact a pass to the testing laboratory is not only a higher specialized education in the field of analytical control, but also a strong desire to work in a highly professional manner. Professor Dr. Valery Antonovich is consulting our Testing Laboratory staff.

Contact Information

Head of the Monitoring Department, Deputy Head of the testing laboratory -

Evsegneeva Larisa 


Odessa, Starokyivske highway 21 km, 40a

Tel: (048) 765-46-33; (048) 777-29-50