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Health is the lack of internal interference for life
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  • Happy Medic Day! Happy Medic Day! June 15 - Day of Medical Worker. Professional holiday of physicians in Ukraine was founded in 1994. Since then, every year on the third Sunday of June Ukrainians pay tribute to people who link their fate with the most important and humane profession in the world. 

    In any circumstances people in white coats always remember the Hippocratic oath given by them, and always remain faithful to their vocation. Thanks to sangfroid and fortitude, devotion to work and readiness to help at any moment physicians tirelessly fulfill their duties, taking...
  • BC «InterChem» - bronze medalist of Ukraine BC «InterChem» - bronze medalist of Ukraine In the sports season 2013-2014 Women's Basketball Club «InterChem» for the first time won the bronze medal at the Championship of Ukraine. And team athlete Zhanna Likhoded won the prize of best offensive player of the tournament. 

    "Third place for our school and the city - is an achievement," - said the head coach Irina Shchipakina. She also said that the team will keep training until the end of May, and in July, after the summer holidays basketball players will start training for the next national championship. 

    This year, athletes, acting...
  • Happy Chemist Day! Happy Chemist Day! On the last Sunday of May we traditionally celebrate professional holiday - Day of the chemist!

    The company "InterHim" has always been closely connected with the chemical industry. Our highly trained specialists - chemists, not only in education but also at the call of the soul. Therefore, for all employees the chemist's Day - is a celebration of professional pride, which collective traditionally spend together.

    Dear colleagues, we cordially congratulate you on the chemist's Day! We wish you health, happiness, prosperity and success in your...
  • Anatoly Reder: Anatoly Reder: "We are the first who decided to speak out against corruption in the pharmaceutical industry" On March 20 on TV channel "TVi" "InterChem" CEO Anatoly Reder told about the company's conflict with the State Medical Service. Since late last year, "InterChem" subjected to repeated inspections. "As a result, the first scheduled governmental inspection is recognized our production level as extremely high. Three weeks after this arrived another unscheduled commission , which suddenly brought a number of criticisms. But when today we have invited representatives of the majority of pharmaceutical companies of Ukraine, scientists and experts,...
  • March 20 at a briefing on the topic March 20 at a briefing on the topic "Ukrainian medicine - the beginning of the revival" Health Minister Oleh Musiy commented on the situation with "InterChem" Changing the the health care system in Ukraine is extremely necessary. Reforms in this area will not stop, but will be seriously reconsidered. This was stated by Oleg Musy at the briefing.

    The Minister said about strengthening control over prescription codeine drugs. "I have already signed a letter about strict control of selling such drugs on prescription, so none of packaging of such drugs without a prescription wouldn't be sold. At the same time subject-quantitative control of these drugs will not be introduced, and sale of prescription...