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Health is the lack of internal interference for life
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  • "InterChem-SDUSSHOR" brought gold to Odessa! After a seven-year break, at the first time  was held the Ukrainian Cup on basketball among women's teams. In the Cup final on March 6, 2016 the met "InterСhem-SDUSSHOR named after Litvak" (Odessa) and" Dynamo "(Kiev).

    From the start girls from Kiev took the lead, but "InterChem" managed to seize the initiative and to finish the first quarter with the score 32:23 in their favor. However, in the second quarter of Kiev athletes have come full "come back", equalized before the big break - 45:45. In the third quarter "Dynamo" slightly slowed...
  • Ginkgoba - a natural source of health! Ginkgoba - a natural source of health! Health care begins with prevention and healthy lifestyle. That is why "InterChem" has decided to expand the product range by adding a dietary supplement to contribute the maintenance and promotion of health.

    Dietary supplement "Ginkgoba" - a drug of natural origin, which contains an extract of Ginkgo biloba leaves (Ginkgo biloba L., folium). Effect of the drug caused by unique phytochemical composition of plants, comprising flavonoid glycosides, which include kaempferol, kvartsetin, gingolid and terpenes - ginkgolides, bilobalide.