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Launched a large-scale development project

Launched a large-scale development project "InterChem" began construction of a new production and laboratory facilities. The plans of the company - a large-scale reconstruction of the existing facilities and the construction of several new production and laboratory and administrative buildings. There are already conducted harmonization of technical conditions for the introduction of energy saving technologies.

The new building complex will consist of 4 buildings: the site for the production of finished drugs with an 8-storey office and laboratory complex, the site of production of substances, and storage building.

Commissioning of the new facility will allow the "InterChem" company to increase the production of medicines for 1.5 billion. tablets per year and to master the production of new dosage forms, introducing in the production of modern import-substituting products, innovative domestic development; to carry out the production of pharmaceutical substances in accordance with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), to increase their production by 2 times; combine research and laboratory division of the company in a single complex, equipped with the most modern equipment; expand research work and actively introduce innovative projects.