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Anatoly Reder: "95% of palliative patients in Ukraine die in agony"

Anatoly Reder: In an interview to "Interfax-Ukraine" general director of "InterChem" Anatoly Reder has told about the problems of access to pain relief for palliative patients in Ukraine, as well as about the situation with the state provision of medicines.
There are 86 thousands of palliative patients in our country today. According to Human Rights Watch research 99% of them die in agony, although according to the requirements of the WHO, pain relief for such people should be available without restriction.
"InterChem" company is one of two Ukrainian manufacturers of opioid analgesics for palliative patients, including tabletted morphine. However, the problem of access to pain relief is catastrophic, as the system of sale and turnover of such drugs on the market is unnecessarily complicated.
"We continue to manufacture a tabletted morphine, despite the fact that at the present time it is absolutely unprofitable for the company. In general, it is the sphere of social responsibility ", - says Anatoly Reder.

To read the full version of the interview for the agency "Interfax-Ukraine" visit the website.