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Innovative drug "Levana® ІC" won the quality competition

Innovative drug The drug "Levana® ІC" won the national stage of the All-Ukrainian quality competition "100 best goods of Ukraine". Creating a national innovation soporific was the result of years of research by leading scientists of Ukrainian Physico-Chemical Institute named after Bogatsky of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine jointly with "InterChem."

"Levana® ІC" is drug that belongs to a group of "sleeping pills and sedatives". The drug is indicated for the treatment of insomnia - the deficit of quality and quantity of sleep required for the normal daily activities of a person, that determines the social significance of the product. The consequences of this disease is a long-term fatigue, frequent mood disorders, interpersonal problems, difficulty performing professional duties, reduced quality of life.

"Levana® ІC" has a strong soporific effect, provides the physiological structure of sleep, is well tolerated and has a mild gipnosedativny action. In 2010, the authors of a cycle of works "Soporific Levana (cinazepam). Development, properties,  introduction" Academician of the NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Chemistry Andronati S., academician of AMS of Ukraine, Doctor of Biology Golovenko N., and CEO of "InterChrem" candidate of chemical sciences Reder A. were awarded the Kiprianov prize NAS of Ukraine "For outstanding scientific work in the field of organic macromolecular chemistry and chemical technology."