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"We were the first who tried to challenge the actions State Medical Service in a public plane"

The head of the company "InterChem" believes that the settlement of the Rules of critical remarks - is the primary task for State Medical Service. In the interview to "Interfax-Ukraine" Anatoly Reder has commented the conflict between State Medical Service and "InterChem", which lasted five months. "We are opposed to that at the click of a finger, you can stop the work of the whole enterprise, but for stopping an enterprise were required objective and clearly described legal grounds."

Herewith for the time of settling this situation "InterChem" neither stoped any social program for a single day nor delayed salary payments. "So if we are going to apologize to someone, as might be desired previous management of State Medical Service, only to those who could not buy our products in this period, for the deficit triggered by the rise in prices on them, to our employees and to those who did not get the money in the budget ", - says Anatoly Reder.

To read the full version of the interview for the agency "Interfax-Ukraine" visit the website.