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New victory of our basketball team

New victory of our basketball team
Women's basketball team "InterСhem-SDUSSHOR named after Litvak" this year for the first time took part in the games of the Baltic Basketball League. Baltic Women's Basketball League was established in 1994 and brings together the clubs of Northern Europe. In addition to national championships, participation in the League allows clubs to test their strength in European competitions. This year is held the 22nd annual championship of the League.

Competitions are held in three stages: the regular season, the semi-final stage and the Ending of four. From the start of the competition the team "InterСhem" has shown a decent level and in two games in a row defeated "Horizont-RCOP" from Minsk. The first match ended with a significant advantage of "InterСhem", on the scoreboard was listed 54:79. In the second match the rivals also was not able to cope with our debutantes, the match was ended with a score of 61:73.

After two wins in two games Odessa's basketball players became the leaders the group "A". Next matches in Baltic League "InterChem" will hold the 8th and 9th of December in the Lithuanian city Marijampolė against the local club "Suduva", which also has two victories in two matches.

It is pleasant to note that the two representatives of our team were summoned to the national team of Ukraine to participate in the qualifying tournament for the 2017 Eurobasket. Invitations received Arina Belotserkovskaya and Tatiana Antonyuk. In total, the team included 24 athletes, from which only 4 represent colors of Ukrainian clubs.

We congratulate our athletes with the victory and wish them further achievements in sports!