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«ПАНАЦЕЯ-2018»: «Левана® ІС» признана препаратом 2018 года

«ПАНАЦЕЯ-2018»: «Левана® ІС» признана препаратом 2018 года

On the eve of the Pharmaceutical Worker's Day, September 13, in the Parkovy Exhibition Center, the ceremony of awarding the winners of the XIX competition of professionals of the pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine "PANACEA 2018"

Striving for the development of all sectors of the pharmaceutical industry in Ukraine, the competition promotes the introduction of high standards of quality of services and the disclosure of professional potential. Winners are determined on the basis of marketing research.

The preparation of the year in its nomination was recognized as the drug "Levana® ІС" manufactured by the company "InterChem". In total this year the best representatives of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry were awarded about 20 bronze statuettes of the goddess Panacea.

The general director of ODO "InterChem" Anatoly Semenovich Reder twice rose on the stage to receive awards. The second time - "For the creation and production of domestic medicines of neurotropic and immunotropic action" in the nomination of the Organizing Committee.

Presenters at the awards ceremony on the upcoming professional holiday were congratulated by host Masha Efrosinina and participants of the show program: Sergei Babkin; participant of the TV show "X-Factor" Alina Pash; finalist of the national selection for Eurovision 2018 indie pop group Kadnay.