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With the support of "InterChem" a popular science project Science Slam was held at first in Ukraine

With the support of

November 30 in Odessa the first modern research project Science Slam was held. This is a new international format of the popularization of science, which is located at the junction of stand-up performances, conferences and competitions. Five young scientists - an archaeologist, a chemist, economist, physician and environmentalist ten minutes funny talked about their scientific achievements. The event of such format was held with the support of InterChem SLC.
The most interesting participant Science Slam determined by the volume of applause, which was measured by a special device - sound level meter. As a result, the winner was the psychologist KseniaChornaya. She was presented with valuable prizes and boxing gloves.

The special guest was the head of the department of molecular structure and physico-chemical cheminformatics AV Bogatsky Institute NASU, Doctor of Sciences, Professor Victor Kuzmin, who spoke about how in today's world chemists "manage to" construct a medicine long before its synthesis.
"Given the great interest in our event, we have begun to schedule the next slam now. Most likely, it will be early next year, and its members can be any scientist Odessa ", - said chairman of the regional council of young scientists Svetlana Dekina.
The meeting of scientists in Science Slam format was first held in 2006 in Darmstadt, Germany. Complete project took shape only in 2010, when such activities spread throughout Germany. "In the modern world of science it assumed that the achieved results of the research should reach to the general public, especially to attract new students and funding. However, scientists continue to hide behind the special scientific terms, this is sometimes discouraging potential partners. Science Slam is changed. At our meetings, scientists talk about their research available to a wider audience language. All understand each other. We broke the language barrier, which could do no other format, "- says the organizer of such meetings Gregor Bening.