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The "InterChem" company added a new dosage of the drug "Mebicar IC" - 500 mg

The The "InterChem" company released additional dosage of "Mebicar ІC", well known drug on the market. The presence of two doses - 300 mg and 500 mg  will optimize dosing regimen depending on the therapeutic purpose, and taking into account the individual characteristics of the age group.

For those people who are in a state of fear, anxiety, irritability, anxious suspiciousness, indecision, suffering from emotional lability due to situative, reactive and neurotic disorders, "Mebicar ІC" helps to normalize the state of health and ability to productive work.

"Mebicar ІS" exhibits the properties of daytime tranquilizer, has nootropic activity and is used for:

- neuroses and neurosis-like states, accompanied by irritability, emotional lability, anxiety and fear;

- cardialgia of different genesis;

- to facilitate the flow of somato-vegetative manifestations of premenstrual syndrome and menopause;

- under emotional and oxidative stress of different genesis as a cerebroprotector and adaptogen;

- in the complex treatment of nicotine addiction as a means of reducing the craving for tobacco smoking;

- to improve the tolerability of neuroleptics or tranquilizers in order to eliminate somato-vegetative and neurological side effects caused by them.