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Rosuvastatin ІС - bioequivalence has been proved!

Rosuvastatin ІС - bioequivalence has been proved!

Cholesterol is involved in the synthesis of hormones, and also serves as a kind of stabilizer of cell membranes. In the case of a significant excess of its norm, it has a negative effect on the blood vessels and heart. Today, millions of people take statins - the most common drugs to reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol. They act as follows: statins block the hepatic enzyme, which stimulates the production of cholesterol.

The need for quality and affordable medicines is always relevant. The company "INTERСHEM" has released a new drug - "Rosuvastatin ІС", which is used for hypercholesterolemia and for the prevention of cardiovascular disorders.

The effectiveness of rosuvastatin in the treatment of adults with hypercholesterolemia, regardless of race, sex or age, as well as patients of special groups such as those with diabetes or patients with familial hypercholesterolemia, has been proven. It was reported that approximately 80% of patients with type IIa and IIb hypercholesterolemia who were taking rosuvastatin 10 mg were able to achieve the target LDL-C target levels established by the European Society of Atherosclerosis (EAS, 1998) (In patients aged 45-70 years with a low risk of coronary heart disease who used rosuvastatin 40 mg once a day for 2 years, there was a significant slowdown in the progression of maximum TCIMA at 12 points of the carotid artery compared with placebo.

Based on the clinical studies conducted using in vivo studies in healthy volunteers and in vitro equivalence studies compared with a dosage of 40 mg, the interchangeability of the study drug "Rosuvastatin ІС" with the reference preparation "Krestor" was proved. Rosuvastatin is fully bioequivalent to the original preparation of Crestor for all pharmacokinetic parameters and is an available analogue of the original preparation.

"Rosuvastatin ІС" is released on prescription in the form of tablets of 5, 10, 20 and 40 mg.