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Tableted morphine will be transferred as a charity for the hospice patients

Tableted morphine will be transferred as a charity for the hospice patients The company "InterChem" had offered to more than 16 thousand packages of painkillers, including tableted morphine, as a charity for the treatment of patients in the institutions of hospice and palliative care. Distribution and use of this aid will be carried out according to the list, which will determine the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

According to the State Service of Ukraine on Drug Control, every year in Ukraine, almost 428 thousand people need pain relief and palliative care to relieve suffering. State Service of Ukraine on Drug Control and other state and public organizations have repeatedly pointed out the need to urgently resolve the issue of availability of adequate pain relief for seriously ill patients with non-injecting forms of opioids such as morphine, because the solution of this problem - one of the key conditions for the establishment and further development  the state system of palliative and hospice care. Unfortunately, our country, until recently, remained among the few countries in the world where access patients, including cancer patients, to such analgesia was limited. For Ukrainian patients was only available injectable form of morphine - and that is not always (in particular for rural residents). The lack of a tablet morphine defenders recognized the main obstacle in providing adequate pain relief for patients with chronic or terminal illnesses, who suffer from persistent pain.