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"InterСhem`s" pharmacy network makes special discounts for members of CTO

The members of Ukrainian Association of participants of CTO "Ukrainians-Together!" - volunteer association of concerned Ukrainians, which, since April 2016, with the socially responsible business representatives and local authorities brought to life a project "The Social Card of CTO member". Today, every combatant who has an ID of Participant of hostilities can get this card.

From now on, every owner of "Social card of CTO member 'Ukrainians-Together!" will enjoy discounts in the "InterChem`s" pharmacy network. Company gives a discount of 5% on drugs.

Today, 6 pharmacies "InterChem" serve the residents of Odessa, including a unique "Fragrant Pharmacy", in which are represented the cosmetics from the French, Italian and British partners of our company.

For now was issued almost 40 thousands cards in different cities of Ukraine, and the capabilities of cards become bigger by the day.