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An exit lesson of biotechnology students in the conditions of SLC

An exit lesson of biotechnology students in the conditions of SLC

On March 18, 2019, an exit lesson of biotechnology students OS 162- “Biotechnology and Bioengineering” of III and IV courses in the conditions of SLC “InterChem” took place.

At the beginning of the meeting, Igor Stelmach, Director for Production of the SLC "InterChem", made a welcoming speech. He told about the history of the creation of this enterprise, acquainted with the pharmacological products, equipment and achievements that are carried out by the enterprise.

Biotechnology students of the Nikolaev National Agrarian University were able to personally see the production line of finished medicines and active pharmaceutical ingredients, which are regularly certified for compliance with the requirements of the international standard of good manufacturing practice (GMP).

The company's treasury contains 8th pharmaceutical substances, in particular: Amiksin, Gidazepam, Clonazepam, Clofelin, Levana, Prozerin, Trankvilar and Fenazepam, more than 55 names of drugs, the range of potentially synthesized compounds is more than 500 items, most of which are exclusive. And this indicates a powerful research potential. Since, based on our own laboratories of the “InterChem” SLC (research, technological, control, analytical and microbiological), equipped in accordance with international standards, innovative medicines are developed, as well as the provision and control of high quality products at each production stage. In addition, under the conditions of InterChem, for the first time in the pharmaceutical industry of Eastern Europe, an independent laboratory was created in cooperation with the company Meggle (Germany), equipped both for the development of formulations and technologies for the production of solid dosage forms, and for production in GMP bioseries for preclinical and clinical trials of drugs.

Students also had the opportunity to learn that InterChem is currently the only enterprise in Ukraine that has already introduced a system for applying 2D codes to each package of finished medicinal product in order to track them further. During the 3 years of 2D coding, the company collects information on the demand for its products and predicts production volumes for the next year. Also, this mechanism allows you to verify the originality of the drug and its quality by scanning the code and entering a combination of read characters. And provided that InterChem’s internal “policy” remains unchanged — the introduction of science into practice and the implementation of advanced technological solutions ”, we can have no doubt that the health of millions of Ukrainians is in safe hands.

It is very pleasant for the management and employees of the InterHim company to hear words of gratitude from biotechnology students of the Nikolaev National Agrarian University.

See you again!