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December 11 "InterChem" celebrates its 21-th anniversary

December 11 December 11 "InterChem" celebrates its 21-th anniversary. The company is growing rapidly and does not cease to evolve and increase their power. As a result, today "InterChem" - is one of the acknowledged leaders on the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine. But the most valuable for us is always will be that fact, that for so many years consumers trust their health to our products.
We believe that what we are doing with kind hands and a pure heart, surely turn out helpful outcome for those, who in need in the products of our creative work," - says CEO "InterChem" Anatoly Reder.

2013 was a particularly successful year for our company. The company has once again confirmed its leading position in the pharmaceutical industry. In the professional competition "Panacea" our medicines "Amiksin ІС" and "Gidazepam ІС" recognized the best preparations of the year. The product portfolio of "InterChem" has replenished with new positions, "Alkodez ІC" and "Liverya ІC." Also this year for the first time in Ukraine was registered and put into production tableted morphine. Now, seriously ill patients with severe pain syndrom can get access to adequate pain relief. The press already called the drug "tablets from suffering."

"The construction of a third production line continues, on the area of 15.5 thousand square meters will be located the production of finished drugs. By the end of next year will be realized all that we planned, "- shared his plans for the future Anatoly Reder.

We congratulate the whole team on 21-th anniversary of the company! We wish you prosperity, success and fulfillment of all your plans!

Happy birthday, "InterChem"!

Анатолий Семенович Редер