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"InterChem" is recognized as a socially responsible company

"InterChem" was awarded with the "Social Responsibility Mark".

The "Social Responsibility Mark" is the prize which given to businesses or individuals, which conduct charity actively. There are three degrees of a Mark: regional, national and international, which are awarded depending on the extent to which the activities of the company affected the welfare of the society. Today in Ukraine there is no winner the " Social Responsibility Mark” at the national level and only ten Ukrainian companies have earned a regional Mark. Nineteen companies and organizations have filed their candidacy to receive one.

Nice to know that " InterChem" not only became one of the first holder of the honorary Mark, but also takes the second place in the ranking by the size of the rendered charitable assistance.

Charity given by "InterChem" was aimed at providing drugs for medical institutions, support palliative care programs, support of servicemen in the CTO area and families of temporary migrants, as well as targeted support in the implementation of the programme of assistance to children suffering from hemophilia.

To see full list of companies that have received "Social Responsibility Mark", please visit a web-site.