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«InterChem» handed over a batch of drug «Octanate» for children with hemophilia

«InterChem» handed over a batch of drug «Octanate» for children with hemophilia
 The company "InterChem" handed over Odessa Regional Children's Hospital batch drug "Octanate" for children with hemophilia.
"This is not our first initiative. We do this all the time, but I decided to make it public in order to convey the importance and necessity of such actions today. When we started to discuss it with colleagues from business, many of them agreed to help us, "- commented CEO Anatoly Reder.
The decision to purchase and provide to Children's Hospital this essential drug was made after hearing the story of a child who for many months can not leave the house, because the slightest injury threatened him with death.

Head of the Department of Pediatric Hematology Natalia Molodets, reported that today in the Odessa region 24 children suffering from hemophilia A. For the prevention of bleeding children need injections 2-3 times a week. "Octanate" - an expensive drug, one ampule of which costs 2-4 thousands hryvnia. At the same time, the level of public provision of hemophiliacs with clotting factors is poor, existing reserves are sorely lacking. Aid provided by the "InterChem" for Odessa Regional Children's Hospital will be enough 3 months.

"If we continue to see that purchases are not made the government, then we will do it on our own to ensure that all of the most pressing needs in vital medicines are satisfied. I believe that we can not remain silent about this issue. We will cry about it. The situation is not OK, it's hard and even catastrophic, "- expressed her opinion on the matter, Maria Gaidar.
According to official data, the need for blood clotting factor in Ukraine provided only at the level of 24-26%. According to the patients get the medicine from the state for prophylactic purposes is almost impossible. Doctors have to keep the "emergency reserve" for emergency, as there is no certainty that it will be refilled.
"The problem with "Octanate" is that it is expensive and physically necessary for life, but it is not available in pharmacies. Such drugs are difficult to import and purchase. Provide this drug - it's not just allocate money, buy and sell, you need to overcome the huge number bureaucratic problems", - added M. Gaidar.

Along with "Octanate" were handed over the drugs produced by our company.
We hope that the Odessa business community will support our initiative and take an active socially responsible position, as the situation of providing medicines to hospitals in the region is close to critical.

Based on materials of the "Interfax-Ukraine"