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"InterChem" was recognized as "The leader of the industry - 2015" by the results of the National Business Rating

"National Business Rating" assigned the company "InterChem" the title of "Industry Leader" based on the results of national rating  of economic performance of enterprises in Ukraine in 2013-2014.
"National Business Rating" was founded based on the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine to carry out independent examinations, statistical analysis of financial statements of companies and the formation on their basis of reliable economic indicators to assess the financial condition, reputation and longterm capabilities of each company.
This year, "InterChem" SLC turns 23 years old. We always set ourselves new goals and make every effort to achieve them. 2015 will be a milestone in the company's history - the final stage of a large-scale investment project worth more than 40 million euros to create a modern production and laboratory facilities. Commissioning of the new sites will significantly increase production capacity, strengthen innovative activity, expand the product portfolio and strengthen the export potential.
The development of high-tech production of drugs by international standards contributes to quality health care for public and plays a significant role in economic development.
We thank our partners who have helped to achieve good results.
General Director of "InterChem" SLC Anatoly Reder for the successful organization and development of the company was awarded the Order "Pride of the country". Deputy General Director Dmitry Pozigun was awarded the medal "For professional achievements". Certificates "Specialist of the Year" was given to Production Director Igor Stelmakh and Head of the Financial and Economic Department Valentina Dolgopolova. Head of Development Department Oleg Badyuk got the certificate "Manager of the Year."
The "InterChem" SLC team congratulates the winners! We are excited to our successes and achievements of each member of "InterChem" team.