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"Alkodez® IС" - there was registered a new anti-alcohol desintoxication agent

"InterChem" brings to market a new antialcoholic, deintoxicative, hepatoprotective drug "Alkodez® ІC", which is the drug of metabolic therapy of alcohol intoxication. The active ingredient of the drug - metadoksin - is an ion pair of natural products that are part of normal human diet and participating in normal metabolism. 

With an excess of alcohol in the blood, liver enzyme system can not cope with a full conversion of ethanol, as a result an intermediate product - acetaldehyde accumulates, which is ten times more toxic than ethanol itself. Acetaldehyde and other toxic metabolites caused "... burdensome state of bodily and spiritual longing, inevitably comes after immoderate libations." ("Peculiarities of national hangover." A. Borovsky)

The drug "Alkodez® ІC" is used to prevent and reduce the toxic effect of alcohol in acute and chronic alcohol intoxication in alcoholic abstinent syndrome and is also used in the complex treatment of liver diseases. 

"Alkodez® ІC":

  • activates the liver enzymes involved in the metabolism of ethanol (alcoholdehydrogenase and acetaldehydedehydrogenase) that accelerates the oxidation of alcohol toxins promoting their conversion into harmless substances to the body, reducing the toxic effects of alcohol on the liver and nervous system;
  • prevents fatty infiltration and inhibits the formation of cirrhosis of the liver;
  • has a non-specific anti-depressant and antianxiety effect, reduces the craving for alcohol;
  • activates choline- and GABA-ergic neurotransmitter systems, resulting in improved function of thinking and short-term memory;
  • it reduces the psychic and somatic symptoms of hangover.

Prophylactic use of the drug "Alkodez® ІС" before the use of alcohol will reduce the level of toxic effects of ethanol and its metabolites in the human body, reduce the discomfort associated with the effects of drinking alcohol.